Holocaust Memory Day Ceremony.

To remind the Holocaust.


24th of JANUARY 2006

Tomorrow, instead of Friday, starts a celebration of the International Day of Commemoration to Honor Holocaust Victims. The Day is celebrated for the first time this year. It was established by the UN last year. The extermination of the Jews during the World War will be reminded in a few places around the world at the same time, in London, Copenhagen and Prague. In Poland the ceremony is planned for Warsaw.

For three days an antique tram from the 30's will be running through the streets of War­saw. "It will run empty, illuminated inside with torches" says Zuzanna Schnepf from the Shalom Foundation who is preparing the ceremonies. "It is a symbol of the tram running in Warsaw's Ghetto and to remind everyone about absence of people who used to live there. The tram will run tomorrow from 5 to 7 pm, on Thursday from 4 to 7 pm and on Friday from 11 am until 4 pm.

Although the Day falls on 27 January, the main ceremony will take place on Thursday (this year the 27 of January falls on Friday - a day of Shabbat for the Jews), at the Heroes of the Ghetto Uprising Monument (at Zamenhof Street). At 4 pm world-wide famous cantor Israel Rand will sing Jewish songs and prayers.

Warsaw's residents can join in the celebrations also on Friday and participate in "The Flame of Memory" celebration, supported by Poland's Cardinal Jozef Glemp.
"At the 4 pm we want everyone to celebrate the memory of the victims of extermination and put a burning candle up in their window "explains Schnepf.

Date of celebrations was proposed by the USA, Russia, Australia, Canada and Israel. That's how these countries wanted to commemorate liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. The resolution, accepted unanimously, established 27 of January as a Day of Holocaust Memory, it condemns the intolerance and violence for religious and et­hnic reasons.