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March 4, 2006


From :
Norman Conard   610 Meadow Lane
Fort Scott, KS 66701   620-223-

The first annual Irena Sendler Awards will be given out in Warsaw, Poland on March 23rd, 2006 at 3PM.  The awards will be given annually to an American and Polish educator who represent the teaching of respect for all people, in the spirit of Irena Sendler.  The theme of this award is Tikkun Olam, Oto repair the world.1

   The award will be presented at the Catholic Convent which is Ms. Sendler1s home.  Various dignitaries from the Polish Government and the American Embassy will be present. The dignitaries include Stefan Meller, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Victor Ashe, American Ambassador, the Minister of Education, Michal Sewerynski, and the Mayor of Warsaw, Miroslaw Kowarski. The location of the convent can be obtained from the contact below.

   A press conference will be held at the Palace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (6 Foksal Street) on Friday, the 24th of March at 1 PM.  The Minister of Foreign Affairs and other dignitaries will be present.

   The awards consist of a trophy and a $10,000 gift.  The American recipient is Norman Conard, of Fort Scott, Kansas.  His students are responsible for the Orescue1 of Irena Sendler1s story.  The American gift will be given to the Life in a Jar Foundation for project expenses.  The Polish recipient is Robert Szuchta of Warsaw, Poland.  Mr. Szuchta has prepared a Polish curriculum for Holocaust teaching. He is an award winning history teacher in the Witkiewicz Secondary School in Warsaw.  

   This initial award is being sponsored by the Children of the Holocaust organization in Poland, the Polish Government and benefactors in the United States.  The desire is for the award to continue each year, with a $10,000 prize being given out each year to an American and a Polish educator.

   Elzbieta Ficowska of Warsaw, who was saved as a baby by Irena Sendler and is President of the Polish Children of the Holocaust organization, is in charge of the festivities.

Norman Conard
610 Meadow Lane
Fort Scott, KS 66701


Press Release from Poland
Warsaw, February 24th  2006

Spokesman of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
of the Republic of Poland

Information for the media

A ceremony of bestowing the Irena Sendlerowa Award, named after the heroic member of an underground organization "Zegota", to Polish and US teachers.

March 24th 2006, 1 p.m., Pałacyk MSZ, 6 Foksal street, Warsaw

On March 24th (Friday) 2006 at 1 p.m. in the palace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pałacyk MSZ) at 6 Foksal street in Warsaw, a ceremony of bestowing the Irena Sendlerowa Award "For repairing the world" to Polish and American teachers, will be held. The award is named after a heroic member of an underground organization "Zegota" who rescued 2.5 thousand Jewish children during the Second World War. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Stefan Meller will participate in the ceremony.

This is the first edition of the Award created on the joint initiative of the Association "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland and an American foundation "Life in a Jar". By inaugurating the Award the organizers wish to honor the person of Irena Sendlerowa as well as to propagate the ideas and attitudes she has remained faithful to.  

The Award is addressed to primary and secondary school teachers from the United States and from Poland, who have been proved to educate their students in the spirit of  tolerance and respect for the others.

The recipients of the first edition of the award, nominated by Mrs. Irena Sendlerowa for their contribution in propagation knowledge about the Holocaust amongst young people, are two school teachers: Mr. Norman Conard from Union Town, Kansas, USA and Mr. Robert Szuchta from LXIV Liceum Ogólnokszta?c?ce  im. St. I. Witkiewicza, Warsaw, Poland. The award amount is 10,000 USD for each of the recipients. The Award is founded by the American co-organizers.
The organizers intend to grant the Irena Sendlerowa Award yearly, on the basis of a competition. Two Chapters, a Polish and American one, will be constituted to asses submitted applications and to appoint laureates.

The Ceremony held in Warsaw will take place thanks to the initiative of the Association "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland, and due to the kindness and financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  BISE Bank and the US Embassy in Warsaw.        

Pawe Dobrowolski

Pl. Grzybowski 12/16, 00-104 Warszawa,
tel./fax. +48 (22) 6208245, tel. +48 (22) 6521220
www.dzieciholocaustu.org.pl e-mail: chsurv@jewish.org.pl