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Tecia Werbowski's literary activities
March 15, 2005

Tecia Werbowski is coming out with a new miniature novel, or novella entitled "Loveless duet", originally called Not a love story.  It will be published and launched in September 2006. Tecia's work, especially Le mur entre nous (Actes Sud, France) was adapted by Pavel Kohout into BBC radio play, theatre play running for almost five years on the small stage of the National Theatre in Prague, toured Germany and Austria to finally be produced as a television play in Warsaw. Presently negotiations are taking place for the play to inaugurate in Zydowski Theater in Warsaw, hopefully in 2006.

Loblomova (Zaspane zycie), adapted by Tecia, is still performed in Prague in the National Theatre.

The latest news is that Hotel Polski, originally published in France, will be presented in Bucarest from 25th April until September. Some of her work deals with the Polish-Jewish themes, but she also writes about the communist and post communist Prague (Prague memories and Ich bin Prager).  Hotel Polski deals with the Polish, Jewish, German question. The same problem is described in her story Zina, published in Midrasz, January 2005.

Loveless duet, with the Polish Jewish protagonists, talks about more intimate issues. Joel Yanofsky, the critic for The Gazette and National Post, comments: ".Werbowski provides any reader who's loved and lost or loved and not been able to commit, with an amusing, tender and candid view of how completely our emotions control us rather than the other way around. Werbowski's style is succinct and deceptively simple with an enchanting European flavour to it......