Irena Sendler mooted for Nobel Peace Prize - support this candidacy!

Norm Conrad, a history teacher at Uniontown High School, proposed the award for Irena Sendler, who saved more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis during World War II.

Irena Sendler, born in 1910, during the World War II was involved in helping the Jews. First, disguised as nurse, she provided medicines, food and money to the people living in the Warsaw Ghetto. Later on she was charge of the Children's Division of Zegota (a Polish underground group to assist Jewish people). Irena Sendler used her papers as a Polish social worker and papers from one of the workers of the Contagious Disease Department (who was a member of the underground Zegota) to enter the Warsaw Ghetto.

In the ghetto Irena Sendler contacted many Jewish families and tried to persuade parents to let her help them and smuggle children into the "Aryan side" and then hid them with Polish families. She made lists of the children's real names and put the lists in jars, then buried the jars in a garden, so that someday she could dig up the jars and find the children to tell them of their true identity.
The Nazis captured Irena Sendler, but the Polish underground bribed a guard to release her, and she entered into hiding.

Today Irena Sendler lives in Warsaw, Poland.

Irena Sendler was announced as the 2003 winner of the Jan Karski award for Valor and Courage. She has been honored by international Jewish organizations - in 1965 she accorded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by the Yad Vashem organization in Jerusalem and in 1991 she was made an honorary citizen of Israel. Irena Sendler was also awarded Poland's highest distinction, the Order of White Eagle in Warsaw Monday Nov. 10, 2003.

Her candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize was consulted with Polish President Lech Kaczynski and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Polish Jews Forum will send a letter to the Nobel Committee - sign it and support Irena Sendler's candidacy for the Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henrik Ibsens gate 51
NO-0255 OSLO

We, Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Poland, Israel, United States of America and other countries would like to express our full and enthusiastic support for the candidacy of a true hero, Irena Sendler, for the Nobel Peace Price.

More than 60 years since the Holocaust, we pause for one last moment, knowing that this may be the very last opportunity for such a distinguished and honorable institution as The Norwegian Nobel Committee to honor a living person for heroic deeds that are by any measure the very essence of that work which must be not only emulated, but honored, in order to ensure a peaceful future for humankind. Rescuing the most vulnerable of an oppressed minority from the horror of totalitarian mass murder is the quintessence of charity and humanity.

In times of terror and lawlessness, Mrs Irena Sendler and others from the underground resistance organization risked and forfeited their lives for the lives of Jewish children. She is one of the last heroes from the generation of our parents and our grandparents, who when confronted by the unparalleled evil of twentieth century totalitarianism, revealed great bravery, simple conviction, and the power of human will and intention.


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