Letters sent from the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation
to the Norwegian Nobel Committee
in support of the nomination of Irena Sendler
for the Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henryk Ibsens gate 51
NO - 0255 OSLO

As a former president of the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada (Montreal Chapter) and now web editor of the website:

I wish to support the nomination of Irena Sendler for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Her efforts to save 2500 Jewish children from certain death in the  Nazi  Camps continue to inspire the youth of today.

"The Life in a Jar/ Irena Sendler Project", a theatrical play  and organisation founded by Norman Conard and his students, aims to convey to school  children so far throughout the United States, Canada and Poland,  the values embodied by Irena Sendler.  The play written by Mr. Conard's students dramatises her heroic efforts to save thousands of children from the Ghetto  risking her own life in the process. Thanks to her efforts many survived the Holocaust to lead productive lives.

These theatrical representations have a direct impact on young audiences. They are a continuation of Irena Sendler's work. Many inspired by the play focus on new interests, rethink their lives, priorities and goals. Many become involved in movements working to make this world more open and tolerant. Teachers and students alike, in their letters to the Project members write about the extraordinary impact the play has on those who see it.  

To this day Irena Sendler is a beacon of moral strength and courage in the face of extreme adversity - She risked her own life in order to help others survive. She is a much needed model for our times proving that just one person with heart and determination can make a difference in the lives of thousands. Awarding Irena Sendler the Nobel Peace Prize would acquaint the world with her accomplishments and testify to the fact that as individuals we must act in the face of grave injustice.

I whole-heartedly support the nomination of Irena Sendler for the Nobel Peace Prize .


web editor 


The Norwegian Nobel Committee                Montréal, le 13 janvier, 2007
Henryk Ibsens gate 51
NO - 0255 OSLO

Notre Fondation de l'Héritage Judéo-Polonais, chapitre montréalais, connaît bien la vie et l'ouvre de Madame Irena Sendler qui pendant l'occupation allemande de Pologne en 1939 - 1945, a organisé les sorties d'enfants Juifs des Ghettos ou ils étaient condamnés a la mort atroce et certaine. Madame Sendler a organisé un groupe de gens qui sortaient plusieurs enfant (surtout les bébés) par jour et trouvaient pour eux une place de l'autre côté du mur du ghetto.. Ces enfants, sous une fausse identité étaient accueillis soit par des personnes privées, soit dans des monasteres ou des orphelinats. La majorité a ainsi survécu la guerre. Elle a ainsi sauvé environ 2500 enfant juifs.

Si on considere l'énorme danger d'une telle activité, dont la conséquence ne pouvait etre que la prison et la peine de mort on se rend compte d'un  dévouement et héroisme hors pair de Madame Sendler et nous souhaitons pour elle la récompense sous forme du prix Nobel de la Paix .

Pour la Fondation de l'Héritage Judéo-Polonais
Chapitre Montréalais
Ilona Gruda, présidente
Montréal, le 13 janvier, 2007