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Apology for the mistake concerning Krakow !

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Dr. Paulsson:

I am writing you in reference to your very well-conceived letters concerning the piece we ran in the February issue of Town & Country by Susan Crandell.We have received numerous letters echoing your complaints about our misstatement of fact, and we deeply regret the error. We do fact-check all of our stories, but unfortunately, the point about the residents of Krakow collaborating with the Nazis was not confirmed with an independent source, and we simply got our facts wrong. As a woman of Polish descent, I am even more remorseful for having made this error.

I do hope you accept my personal apology. We will be running a formal retraction in the Letters page of our May issue, so please look out for tha - and do tell anyone else who shares your outrage and concern that we are making this effort to correct our error. We have already corrected this rather glaring mistake on our website.

With sincere regrets,
Heidi Mitchell
Features & Travel Editor, Town & Country
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Dear Town and Country:You have managed to offend 80 million people of Polish descent and misinform all you readers with your statement that"Unlike Krakow, which cooperated with the Nazi occupiers to avoid destruction, Warsaw was leveled by German bombs".

The Nazis bombed what they chose to bomb, concentrating on the capital which had the military manpower and leadership to  hold out ongest.  Then they made Krakow the capital of their new "General Government", in which Poles were given no choice and no role.  Also Warsaw was leveled not by German bombs,
but by flamethrowers and bulldozers after the two uprisings that the city mounted - the well-known Ghetto Uprising in 1943, and the almost-forgotten (but much bigger) Warsaw Uprising in 1944.  Krakow, with a much stronger German presence and a much smaller population, was not in a position to mount a similar resistance, but the Polish underground bombed a cafe frequented by Nazis and some Jews escaped from the Krakow ghetto to form a partisan movement.

Your statement does, on the other hand, apply to Prague,
since the Czech Republic surrendered without a fight in March 1939.


Dr. Gunnar S. Paulsson
Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
University of Toronto