From Lucyna Artymiuk

June 30 2008

I am just finishing reading a most interesting book -

Jews in Eastern Poland and the USSR 1939-46
ed  Norman Davies and Antony Polonsky

published in 1991
series of articles by various academics

It talks about the situation of the Jews deported to the East by the Soviets

Topics discussed in this book - are rarely dealt with in literature on the Holocaust - lots of statistics and wonderful insight into an untold story

The editors are both historians with excellent reputations

However it is also good insight on Soviet policy to Kresy in general

talks about consequences of Sovietisation on the population and how the approach taken by the Soviets to the minorities issues

talks in much detail about Jews in both Anders and Berlings armies

I found out some interestings things such as t two leaders of the Bund (Erlich and Alter) were executed by Soviets in 1942

If you can find a copy - good luck

One of my students found it in a municipal library in Melbourne

Lucyna A.