4.11Teaching about Shoah and Jewish Heritage in Poland, guest speaker Dr. Anna Kloza
17.10Building Bridges, guest speaker Dr. Lena Allen-Shore
1.10Documentary "Kazik Ratajzer, Rotem" by Agnieszka Arnold
25.04In June 2013, Miła Mesner, our long time member of PJHF, returned to her native Poland to take part in the ceremony of granting "The Certificat of The Righteous Among the Nations" to Albin Thiel. He was a man who saved Mila, her Sister Lola and her cousin during the Second World War. At the ceremony, which took place in the city of Katowice, the vice-ambassador of Israel Nadav Eshcar handed the medal to Grazyna Madejska, the daughter of late Albin Thiel. To find out more about this story, please follow the links below.
17.04Commemoration of Warsaw Getto Uprising
4.10Film "Korczak"
10.05An evening with the poetry of Jerzy Ficowski
22.04Presentation of The Museum of History of Polish Jews
15.03Film "Ja Jestem Żyd Z Wesela"
27.10Film "Amulety i definicje", about Jerzy Ficowski.
9.06Documentary film "Artur Szyk".
14.04Film "Katyn".
28.02Stanley Diamond, executive director of Jewish Indexing Records in Poland.
 The art exposition of "The Textiles of Teresa Kastelik".
20.01Screening of the film "Po-lin".
9.11Hanna Fedorowicz "Identity Needs: Belongings, Exclusion and Conflict".
26.10Screening of the documentary film "Perecowicze" and a conversation with the producer Henryk Lewkowicz.
22.09Jan Grabowski "Nazi propaganda in Poland, during the occupation of 1939-1945.
8.06Slawomir Grunberg.
16.05Feature film "Children of Irena Sendler" and a meeting with invited speaker Elzbieta Ficowska.
25.02Renata Zajdman-Skotnicka, child survivor of Holocaust and her commentary to the documentary "Lyzeczka zycia" commemorating 100th birthday of Irena Sendler.
14.10Celebration and commemoration of life of Marek Edelman, Screening of the film "Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising According to Marek Edelman".
10.08Prof. Gustaw Kerszman "Problemy Integracji Zydow w Polsce Miedzywojennej".
9.11Mila Mesner "Powroty".
5.01Dr.Stefan Horny about Rudolf Vrba.
25.10Grzegorz Lubczynski author of "Henryk Slawik the Polish Wallemberg".
26.05Theatre Group from Uniontown High School Kansas about their production "Life in a Jar" based on Irena Sendler Story.
5.05Conference - Bruno Shultz 1892-1942.
17.04Halina Zawadzka author of "Ucieczka z Getta".
18.11Agata Tuszynska about her book "Rodzinna Historia Leku".
22.01Jan Grabowski "The Fate of Polish Jews on the Eve of the Shoah (1939-1943) in the Light of the Recent Historical Research".
20.11Regina Grol "The Jewess at the Wedding" (A lecture on Jozefa Singer, the prototype for the character of Rachela in Stanislaw Wyspianski's play "The Wedding").
10.09Sara Arm "Archiwum Emanuela Ringelbluma".
28.07Krystyna Starczewska "Czy Idee Wychowawcze Janusza Korczaka Moga stac sie Podstawa Nowoczesnej Szkoly".
15.05Ksiadz Jakub Weksler-Waszkinel.
4.10Joanna Wiszniewicz on her book "And Yet I Still Have Dreams, A Story of a Certain Loneliness".
3.11Norman Davies "Some Aspects of the Warsaw Rising 44".
5.06Prof. Jerzy Kloczkowski "Tradycj ewielokulturowosci na ziemiach Federacji Polsko-Litewskiej oraz ich znaczenie dzis i jutro".
24.10"Trzy Kobiety - Trzy Uratowane Zycia" losy E.Ficowskiej, E. Mundlak, R.Zajdman.
8.02Professor Piotr Wrobel "The Devil's Playground, Poland in Woeld War II".